The Moodie Davitt Report

Food Accademia has introduced Maxi Milian gin, an aromatic distilled gin made in Italy, to its diverse portfolio of Italian products, bringing it to airports, borders stores and…

Identità Golose

From Negroni to Negori: a toast made in Friuli! Three young professionals have ventured into re-reading a very classic of mixed drinking: fundamental ingredients, in addition to quality,…

Il Golosario

Maxi Milian Gin, the Distilled that London Dry lovers like

Udine Today

Triumph with stars and stripes for a gin made in Friuli

Udine Today

In the middle of the pandemic in Friuli, a world-class gin was born

British GQ

Limited Edition of the Maxi Milian Gin bottle, dedicated to enhancing Italy.

British GQ

Maxi Milian Gin present their natural and eco-sustainable gin made in Italy.


Maxi Milian Gin is the new artisan gin that you have to taste.