100% Natural product

100% Natural product

Our distillate is made entirely with natural products. It is gluten-free and totally vegan.

100% Recyclable and Ecological Packaging

100% Recyclable and Ecological Packaging

From a totally ecological packaging to its 100% natural products (used for production), MM Gin is positioned in that category of products that are completely environmentally friendly.

Entirely Made in Italy

Entirely Made in Italy

It was very important for us to create a 360° Italian product. It entered the market in 2020 by promoting its core values through collaborations with young Italian companies.

Ingredients and its story

Our Claim:
“We do it good, we do it well”.

Our gin is fresh with an intense and dry taste characterized by the use of essential botanicals: grapefruit, myrtle, raisins, coriander and black tea. These are obtained directly from the infusion of the dried, infused and then distilled natural products. Our gin is a 100% Natural distillate, 100% Made in Italy, totally free of sugars and artificial equivalent flavors.

A decisive factor is that our product has all the olfactory characteristics of a Distilled, but strongly recalls the flavour of a Dry gin, placing itself exactly where all Gin lovers would like. A dry taste and an intense aroma, characteristics that are very rare to find in one single product.

Our achievements:

Gin of the year

Best Italian Gin

Silver Medal

Silver Medal


Bronze Medal

of Italian Forests

Simple naturalness

You have to smell it to fall in love with it right away.

Maxi Milian Gin has natural aromas that are able to enhance its originality and essence.

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