About us

The Maxi Milian
What we believe in, what we aim for and what we want to tell.

Who we are

Our names are Marta Gover & Massimiliano Montanari, we’re two young entrepreneurs, two great friends who love the world surrounding the gin environment and all of its aspects and who have come together to create products that will transport you in what is our passion, our work … We are excited by what we do and all its various expressions , we’re enthusiastic about beautiful but simple things and this became our main purpose and project: to create natural, ecological, ethically correct spirits that know how to inspire, experimenting through creativity and a sense of responsibility (environmental, commercial, social).

Our goals

One of our major goals is to make everyone experience a product that from the beginning till the very end is made with professionalism and care. Care towards the environment, towards our country (selecting only Italian raw materials) and towards the culture of Gin, which allows us to experience conviviality thou-out the right kind of grit.

What differentiates us

We love to do things well, our claim perfectly sums it up: “we do it good & we do it well”. By this we mean that in addition to offering a very high quality product, every single material, from the glass of the bottle, to the grain of the label, up to the packaging itself, everything is 100% recyclable and ecological, selecting only materials made from natural fibers.

The craftsmanship of our gin is manifested both though the selected materials and also over the numerical stamp applied by hand to each individual bottle produced. One by one.

Why? Because “It is not enough to do good, you must also do it well” …

Tasting Notes

To the taste, the dryness of a London Dry, to the scent the intensity of a Distilled.

These are the characteristics that distinguish it. Inside its 5 botanicals, obtained from the infusion of the dried and then distilled natural product, express themselves in a completely balanced way: Grapefruit, Myrtle, Coriander, The Black and Raisins.

Method of production

The production starts from a base of high quality Italian grain alcohol, distilled three times with continuous distillation to allow for optimal alcohol rectification. The three main botanicals of our base are infused into the alcohol: Juniper, Angelica Root and Coriander Seeds.

After a given infusion time, the infusion itself is distilled thus obtaining the base on which the gin will be built. The botanicals are infused separately in a hydroalcoholic solution. The strength and timing of the infusion varies according to the type of botany being infused.
Once the correct intensity is obtained, we proceed to cold filtration and adding the right amount of infusion into the base distillate to create the gin.
After the creation, the product is left in a rest period to allow the gin to better amalgamate the aromas and the consequent organoleptic profile. All infusions are natural, which means that the actual product (dried in most cases) is infused and artificial equivalent flavors are never used. In our gin there is no added sugar.