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    Maxi Milian Gin is an artisanal distilled gin. The production starts from a base of high quality Italian grain alcohol, distilled three times with continuous distillation to allow optimal alcohol rectification.

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    A box that explores a 100% MADE IN FRIULI collaboration.

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    The perfect gift for gin lovers or for those who want to get started. The box contains a 700ml bottle of Maxi Milian Gin, a spoon bar, the MaxiMilianGin branded jigger, two 200ml capacity Monaco Tonic Water bottles and a bag of juniper berries to flavor your cocktail at its best.

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    For Maxi Milian Gin’s lovers: double box, double product.

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    MM gin branded jigger, 30ml/15ml capacity.

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    Bar spoon essential for the correct mixing and oxygenation of the carbonation.

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